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FESA Trading Management System

FESA Trading is the right choice when you are looking for a practical and efficient solution to manage your trading business. It automates the complex order processing while keeping your warehouse operation as productive as possible. It combines powerful analysis capabilities to give you a better understanding of your sales and operations activities for informed decision making, while task scheduling and reminding functions that help you make the decision more quickly and on time.


  • Streamline sales and purchasing processes to increase efficiency

  • Accurate reflection of inventory value

  • Quick response to customer inquiries by instant checking to product price book, order status, and stock availability

  • Provide flexibility to cater to various trading practices, such as indent trade, assembly/assortment, consignment order, procurement control, or intercompany handling etc.

  • Task scheduling and alerting functions help to avoid any missed deadline

  • Obtain multi-dimensional analysis on your trading business through configurable reports and powerful pivot table

  • Innovative FESA Client program provides a new and interactive user interface with better outlook and dashboard capabilities*

  • And more ...


  • Comprehensive security controls across company-level, user role, and record-level, for example, cost/price related field and document type

  • Inter-related connection with Tree Setting for Companies

  • Operation planning and warehouse management are fully automated / Fully automated order processing

  • User-definable schedule task for system functions

  • Comprehensive default setting per product for order generation

  • Documents trace from top to bottom

  • Support multiple-to-multiple relationship between documents

  • Quick deployment and easy setup for distributed office by thin-client technology

  • Various client program options, such as Windows Client, Java Client, HTML5 Client and FESA Client*

  • Built-in reporting tool for "Report Designer" and "Pivot Table"

  • User-defined report layout can be saved as a template for local or public use

  • Easy to edit the report layout for printing

  • Provide summary and detail Level for better analysis by dragging fields to report

  • Able to setup task scheduling at server side according to user-defined duration (such as by time / day / week / month)

  • Automatic sending scheduled result by email and Message Center

  • Pop-up agent at client side to alert the user for the new incoming message

  • Consolidate Message Center to review message and tracker function right on the spot

  • Detail setting for inventory dimension down to product level

  • Mandatory dimension per product with multiple warehouses

  • Fully support inventory dimension for lot, bin, expiry date, color, size, and serial number

  • Support different costing methods per individual product, such as weighted average, FIFO and LOT

  • Drill-down Inquiries from product summary to dimension detail level

  • And more ...

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