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Budgeting & Forecasting with Ledgerbase webcast download

Download our newly added webcast presentation on "The future of communication in Remote Workforce" for your Finance Operation in Budgeting & Forecasting planning

For more presentation download, please go to Webcast Download session.

 FlexSystem Ledgerbase for Financial Consolidation|Budgeting & Forecasting 

Ledgerbase was not just operational efficiency and control; it also helped to focus time and money invested for our clients because system consolidation projects are tends to be multiyear undertakings and have a reputation for swallowing huge chunks of firm IT budget and are notoriously complex.

If get them right and FlexSystem Ledgerbasehas the potential to literally transform into business and saved you a chunk of budget.


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Cloud | On Premise | Hybrid

A self service platform for data collection

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Form Format registration |

Consolidation of data |

Validation | Multi Dimensional Reporting

Virtual Eyeball on Validation & Mapping

Transform spreadsheet data into database during collection of data from different business entities on the process of mapping and validating



shorten on validation process


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Leveraging these new technologies has enabled FlexSystem Ledgerbase to add significant value to new or existing processes by looking at data capture, complex transformational processing and reporting aspects of a specific process ALL DRIVEN BY THE END USER. 

How it works for Budgeting & Forecasting

How it works

Ledgerbase introduction for your Budgeting & Forecasting planning and preparation.

We won't bite, call us to find out more at 03-6277 9026


About FlexSystem

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We built accounting system since 1987 and we realized many companies still using Spreadsheet program to manage their Budgeting and Forecasting processes even with Top Tier Accounting System in the market implemented in their company.

One of the main reason was the user licenses count because Budget is meant for all departments to fill.

As a result of this, we built a tool called Ledgerbase to tackle one of the above concern.

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Consolidations and Budget preparation are good examples of where new technologies are currently providing a step change to corporates. They both illustrate very painful processes today that need to be undertaken and executed at an ultra-granular transformational level and more frequently. This requires modern practical high compute power to make it happen, driving actionable contextual workflows @anywhere with strong segregation of duties. In other words the system is working for you and not vice versa with the power to trace back easily to source journal entries x-subsystem.

Our Vision

We can't say enough about how well it's tailored to the needs of our clients. Many companies are still using spreadsheet for financial consolidation and budgeting but we know it is not really designed for such purpose, lots of manual in the process of collecting data, re-key in data and again the audit challenge itself with the volumes of data

True Facts

What prevents a lot of businesses today from moving towards real time is a result of legacy, that still lingers today. Systems are not end-user driven, are slow and reporting is difficult, due to legacy design restrictions. As a result of these limitations, business processes see many additional “external” processes driven in spreadsheets to bring data points together from different process stages to make a decision.

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FESA Financial - new release of FlexAccount Financial Management System

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FESA Fixed Asset - simplify and drive your asset management plans, decisions and actions for gaining control of operating cost

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FESA Financial Query - best practice of financial reporting on spreadsheet

XBI ANALYTICS_edited.png


XBI - enterprise-class query engine to smartly transform operational data to value-added information

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FESA Trading - automate your sales/purchase order processes, as well as effectively improve inventory management for better operational efficiency and customer satisfaction



FlexWorkflow - Internet based workflow and document management system

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